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B4ACM5HN0B, B2ACH7HN0B, B5ACH7AN0B, B5ACM7HN0B, B4ACF1AN0B, B6ACH7HN0B, B3ACE4HN0B, C1AMG83N0B, U1ACI5HN0B, U2ACM7HN0B, T46FD53X2, T48FD23X2, T56FD50X0, T58FD20X0, W543BX0GB, S13M60X2G, S513K60X0G, S513K60X1G, S513G60X0G, S515T80D1G, S513M60X1G

The Promotion shall only apply to purchases of the following Neff induction hob models: T40B31X2GB T41D40X2 T40B30X2 T41D82X2 T41B30X2 T51D86X2 T51T86X2 T51D53X2 T51T95X2 T51T53X2 T41D90X2 T45D82X2 T54T55N2 T51T55X2 T45D90X2 T45D40X2 T54T97N2 T54T95N2 T53T55N2 T53T86N2

http://www.neff.co.uk/my-free-pans.html                     Promotion ongoing - only with selected Retailers

The Promotion shall only apply to purchases of the following Bosch induction hob models: PIA611B68B, PIA611F18E, PIA611T14E, PIA611T16E, PIA611T66B, PIE375C14E, PIE611B17E, PIE611B18E, PIE611T14E, PIE651F17E, PIE651T14E, PIE675N14E, PIE975N14E, PIL811F17E, PIM851F17E, PIM875N14E, PIN651F17E, PIN675N14E, PIN675N17E, PIP875N14E, PIP875N17E, PIV675N17E, PIZ975N17E.

http://www.bosch-home.co.uk/my-free-pans.html         Promotion ongoing - only with selected Retailers

Free Gift consists of 1 x Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Set, RRP up to £40 (“Gift”), dependent on which microwave model has been purchased (see below). All Gifts are available subject to availability, whilst stocks last, and gifts cannot be exchanged or changed for an alternative gift:
MWH 33343 B UK - Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Stackable Cooking Set & Cool-Touch Bowl - £40
MWH 2521 B UK - Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Rice & Grain Cooker - £20
MWH 2031 MW - UK Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine - £10


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